Chasing the weight in WA

By Nightjar

We received approval notification from the Mining Company who hold leases over the Copperfield Mining Centre, Mount Ida, WA, that our proposed detecting meet could proceed from 5th to 13th May, 2013. The pastoralist was also contacted to advise him we would be in the area. 

We have found that by becoming members of APLA (Amalgamated Prospectors and Lease Holders Association) and restricting our group to a manageable number, we have established workable agreements with every leaseholder and pastoralist. 

We were heading to the area north-west of Menzies where a prospector had gone missing in January 2013 so there were mixed feelings about entering the area. Some of the group came via the Leonora/Mt Ida Road and others from Menzies and both groups reported the gravel roads to be in good condition. Not so when we left a week later but more about this in a later story. 

We met at the nominated campsite on the morning of the 5th May, nine prospectors from WA, six from NSW, two from Victoria and four from Queensland.  Our forum of gold detecting enthusiasts can be found at  


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