Central Victorian Gold

By Goldsearch Australia

Well, we finally said goodbye to the heavy rains and their accompanying floods in Central Victoria and I reckon nearly every resident of the goldfields region breathed a mighty sigh of relief when we did.

Surely that was it; nothing else could possibly happen, could it? Yep, it could. Locusts! Billions of plant-eating, radiator-clogging, windscreen-blanking locusts.

They descended on the region in plague proportions and lasted for months on end.

For those of you who weren’t aware of just how bad we had it here, at one stage a massive swarm stretched from Tullaroop reservoir, several kilometres east of Maryborough, right across to the Pyrenees Ranges in the west. I know this for a fact because I drove through them for the whole distance – that’s a 60km-wide swarm.

Want to make some quick cash? Set up an automotive radiator repair shop in Central Victoria because by next summer thousands of radiators will have had the gong due to the acid-like effects of locust splatter. Even with a guard on, the relentless week after week splat fest takes its toll. Here’s a tip if you find yourself driving through a cloud of these little nasties. Up to 65 kilometres per hour they’ll bounce off your vehicle but anything over that and they splatter.

On the gold front things finally picked up with some pretty good finds taking place.

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