Central Victorian Gold


By Goldsearch Australia

The extended rainy season in Central Victoria over the spring and summer months meant that not too much in the way of decent gold finds took place, save for one particular bloke who defied the odds.

For the most part, small gold was the staple diet and nuggets of just several grams in weight were cause for raised eyebrows.

Quite a few prospectors blamed the saturated clays for whiteanting the depth capabilities of their machines and in many cases I had to agree because it turned some places that were otherwise reasonably quiet ground into absolute noise pits!

It’s funny really because during the drought we all wished it would rain and soak the ground so we could get more depth. Well, it rained all right and the ground was as wet as it will ever be….so then we all wanted it to dry out so we could get better depth. Reminds me of that old saying about a good tradesman never blaming his tools.

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