Cashing in on Nature’s


By Dig

I like finding a bit of gold just as much as the next person but sometimes it’s the things you get to see and experience along the way that makes detecting one of the greatest pastimes.

After years of drought I had almost forgotten how good the Victorian bush can look. The wildlife seemed to have vanished, birds were few and far between, bush dams had dried up and the forests were a bushfire waiting to happen. Boy, what a difference some rain makes. Wildflowers that hadn’t been seen for years were actually blooming all over the place and birds seemed to appear out of nowhere!

I guess the massive influx of insects that came with the rains and the proliferation of new flora saw to that.

So there I was at one of my favorite spots, just standing and looking, amazed at the transformation that had taken place since my last visit. I call this place the ‘Boneyard’ as there are numerous skeletal remains of various livestock which I reckon the local farmer dumps here rather than disposing of the animal properly. Still, it’s always been a good gold producing patch despite the bones!

It was a weird feeling to actually be pushing my coil through areas of grass. Dotted here and there were masses of wildflowers and small orchids, all taking advantage of the newly moist conditions.

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