Caravanning for Agates and Topaz

By Ken Ellis

 After a few days fossicking in the Cloncurry area, Julie and I were ready for a change of scenery. We also had to be in Cairns in 10 days time and I wanted to fit in some more fossicking first.

A fuel stop at the Bourke and Wills Roadhouse gave us a chance to stretch our legs and after a meal break further up the road, we eventually arrived at a deserted Normanton. We booked into the near empty caravan park and found out that it was race day and that all the winter nomads had long since headed back down south.

With limited fuel outlets in the town the pump owners can open for business whenever they feel like it, which they did, with the result that it was 11am before anyone could fill up and leave town. At least diesel was 12 cents a litre cheaper than at the Bourke and Wills Roadhouse.

Travelling eastward along the Savannah Way, the narrow gauge train line followed us the whole way to Croydon. Here we visited the True Blue Museum and Information Centre in nice air-conditioned comfort, and if you are into gold and gold town history, this stop is a must when passing through.

From there we overnighted in Georgetown and then drove on to Forsayth where we took the opportunity to walk around the small town. A visit to the post office/store gave me the opportunity to renew my expired fossicking licence and talk to some fellow rockhounds who had just returned from Agate Creek. Subscribe now.

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