Bernie's Patch

By Brenda

This story will hopefully clear up some of the rumours and myths that have sprung up since the discovery of The Karratha 1,000oz Patch, also known as the Mount Regal Patch or more correctly, Bernie's Patch.

My husband and I were fortunate enough to meet up with the person who found the 1,000-ounce patch during our recent prospecting trip to Karratha in Western Australia and while I'm sure every serious prospector has heard the story, very few would know all the facts.

Bernie's Patch was found in 2008 and according to the unwritten rule of gold discoveries, a new patch was always named after its finder, hence Bernie's Patch.

The story started on Boxing Day 2008 when Bernie and his family were enjoying the festive season. His son, Andrew, had just returned from holidays and it felt good to have him back home. It was a perfect opportunity to spend some time with his son and grandson, so they loaded up their Troopy and headed bush to shoot some 'roo.

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