Beginner's luck! and then some

By Ron (Bocka) & Jessie

Around Christmas 2008 we decided to get serious about prospecting and purchased a new GPX 4500. We’d read quite a bit about detecting and it sounded like fun so we figured why not.

Our treks up to the Kimberley from Esperance on the WA south coast to meet up with friends took us through some very interesting looking country and from what we’d read in Gold Gem & Treasure, there was still some good gold out there waiting to be found.

Our first excursion was between Christmas and New Year to a block near Southern Cross that was owned by the work boss of our travelling companions. I still can’t believe how hot it was out there and how many flies there were; what the hell were they doing before we turned up and why the hell didn’t they just stay there. I thought I would surely die out there but we survived and learned a very valuable lesson on when not to go prospecting.

The block at Southern Cross turned out to be a bit of a non-event as far as the gold went but we still had a great weekend. We then decided to stop off on our way home and ended up in Kunanalling (north of Coolgardie) where Bocka found his very first piece of gold – a beautiful little 4-gram slug. We only found the one piece but we thought we were as rich as King Midas because we’d heard so many stories about people who’d been prospecting for years and not found a single piece.

Bits & Pieces

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