Back in Opal Country at Last!

By Ken Ellis

At the start of 2009 I had no reason to believe that the year would be different from any other. How wrong I was. In February I went fossicking on Flinders Island (my type of holiday), so I had to reciprocate and give Julie her long awaited holiday in Western Australia – no picks, shovels, sieves, metal detectors or fishing rods.

Once the WA trip was over it was back into work with a vengeance to pay off the plastic debt and accumulate more finances for our planned trip to North Queensland in the August.
But as the year went by I quickly started to wear out. The back got worse, the left foot seized up, I cracked two ribs and copped a serious dose of the flu. I believed my body was trying to tell me something so I pulled the pin and retired.

The big decision was made on August 4th and we hooked up our van and drove out the gate on August 9th with no real itinerary; but I did have all my picks, shovels and sieves on board.

Julie had been dropping hints about Darwin for some time so after a quick look through my fossicking mud maps I managed to squeeze in a few days for Darwin on our route up through the Centre and across to Cairns.

Our top priority was to find some hot weather as soon as possible, so a 4am start soon saw us driving through Melbourne in pouring rain and heading west towards South Australia.

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