Autumn Gold in Victoria & Sudan

By Goldsearch Australia

Autumn would have to be the most popular time of year here in Central Victoria for gold chasers. Stable weather patterns coupled with mild temperatures make for the perfect nugget-hunting scenario.

Some quite good finds were made too with a 35-ouncer and a 27-ouncer the most notable amongst the many nuggets discovered.

There was even a 13-ounce bit found by a bloke using a coin machine. It was apparently lying just a few inches deep and went off like a Coke can on the surface. It’s amazing to think that such terrific sized nuggets are still lying at such shallow depths after all these years.

There were of course numerous finds of smaller pieces ranging from 10 ounces (if you’re of a mind to call 10 ounces small) to the typical sub-grammers which at times seem to be in almost endless supply. Subscribe now.

Bits & Pieces

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