At last some gold worth the effort

By Ben

My brother’s and my quest to find gold was instilled in us at a very young age. I remember as a child heading to the Araluan and Naragundah goldfields in Victoria with my father and brother, armed with just a sieve, pan and shovel. Alas those days produced nothing resembling gold but the time fooling around in the water left me with some great memories and an itch that one day would need scratching.

One year my father did a fossicking course through the TAFE in Canberra and at the end of the course went on a field trip with his class to a fossicking area near Adelong. On his return he showed us a few flakes of gold and some quartz crystals he’d had found and thoughts of untold riches to be found occupied our dreams for some time. Unfortunately our father’s work commitments meant that our fossicking days were pretty much non-existent and any spare time we did have, was spent pursuing our other great love – fishing. Many years passed and it wasn’t until my brother was shown a 4-gram nugget in the summer of 2001 that the itch really got scratched.

We quickly acquired some sluicing equipment and set out one weekend to the area where that little 4-grammer had come from.

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