Another Golden Season in the West

By Jim Foster

Travelling the thousands of kilometres to Western Australia from the eastern states is a big trip but it’s one we always enjoy. Every year the Nullarbor looks different and in 2010 we noticed the country looked extremely good, so good that the ‘roos and other wildlife were staying well away from the road. We didn’t see one recently killed animal on the roadside from Ceduna to Norseman. Gone were the daily banquets of fresh roadkill magically appearing with the dawn. The poor old crows were eking out a living pecking at dead insects killed by passing vehicles and the only wedge tailed eagles we saw were a pair circling high in the sky well south of the road.

Arriving in the Sandstone district we found the temperatures still a bit warm so after a few days detecting we headed for Geraldton and the cool breezes of the Indian Ocean. After two weeks the temperatures had dropped a bit so we headed back into the goldfields.

Gold was a bit harder to find this year and we struggled to get our first ounce but finally got over the line after visiting several patches north and south of Sandstone.

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