An unusual double-header

By Fossicking Jim

After visiting the WA Mines Department offices to obtain maps of likely places to detect for gold as well as coins and relics, I eventually settled on a location and made plans. 

The spot I’d selected wasn’t too far from home and I headed out late one afternoon to check it out. As soon as I arrived I noticed shallow diggings along a 200-metre-long low ridge line, a couple of very old ash heaps, and scatted pieces of rusting tin and other rubbish from old camp sites. 

During my reconnaissance I picked up a 1950 penny sitting flat on the crown of a small mound of earth. Over the years the surrounding soil had weathered away leaving the coin sun baking high and dry on a small pyramid-like mound. This was very encouraging as it pointed to the possibility of a few more pre-decimal coins. 

As I wandered I planned my assault and after picking up the penny, decided to try the area first for coins then go back over the same ground later for gold with my Minelab GPX 4500.

Bits & Pieces

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