A Town Gone but not



After a year of the usual week to week stuff it was time for a holiday again, so Val and I packed up our old station wagon and headed off to visit her South Australian country relatives as we often do. My Xterra-70 took its place on the back seat under a doona and pillows. It’s a bit pampered because it needs all its strength in the field where it mostly works its little heart (processor) out.

The first leg of the trip was a coastal town and we straight away caught up with family and friends we don’t get to see often enough. Sightseeing, trips to the beach, some great fishing, fresh country food and a little bit of metal detecting for an hour or two here and there occupied our time, which went way too quickly. Before I knew it the last day of that part of the holiday was upon us.

At lunch I got talking with Val’s cousin and asked him about a particular 4-acre paddock a few miles out of town and what my chances might be of having a bit of a swing there. Our research had uncovered that there used to be a small village at the crossroads nearby but it never really matured into the larger town it was planned to be. Named streets that were drawn on the town plans never came to fruition. Only two or three inhabited houses remained in the general neighbourhood and a couple of existing old stone buildings had been converted into sheds.

Bits & Pieces

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