A Taste of Minerama and Sapphire Sieving

By Leigh Webber

In March this year we decided to visit the Glenn Innes Minerama Festival. I had always wanted to learn more about how to fossick for gems and as this was the largest gem festival in NSW, it was the perfect excuse for a weekend away.

In the company of my mother, Veronica, my brother, Ryan, and his wife Shannon and their two boys, Jack and Ethan, we set off from Coffs Harbour.

We had booked accommodation at Bullock Mountain Homestead and after a 10-minute drive down a dusty old dirt road, we were met by the owners, Steve, Alison and Jo, who only added to the charm of the setting with a welcome that you just don’t find in the city.

The next morning we headed out to find some sapphires because as part of the Minerama Festival, we had booked a group field trip to learn the art of sapphire mining from a few local experts. The trip was to Reddestone Creek and our quarry was sapphire, topaz and zircon.

Bits & Pieces

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