A Tale of Two Trips

By Greg Gibbs

Finding your own bit of gold is the dream of many Australians but for three old mates, Peter ‘Thommo’ Thomas, Peter ‘Salas’ Salamone and Greg ‘Gibbsy’ Gibbs, turning this dream into reality became an overwhelming passion. Fuelled by stories in Australian Gold, Gem & Treasure magazine and other media of fantastic gold discoveries, the trio set out to make it happen. Their story involves two trips to basically the same location but with vastly different results.  

The first trip was in April 2010 to a location in the Mount Magnet area of Western Australia. Much planning went into this trip: alcohol and food were itemised and organised; detectors were hired; music was selected; permission from the leaseholder to detect on his lease was obtained; notice to the pastoralist that we were going to be on his property was duly given; Miner’s Rights and myriad other potential issues were addressed. Anybody with experience in prospecting who crossed our paths was quizzed without mercy in the hope of gaining valuable insight into what we needed to do to guarantee a successful prospecting venture.  

The area we’d chosen was one where gold nuggets had been found previously. We worked tirelessly, putting in five days of dawn-to-dusk detecting for a grand total of a solitary sub-gram bit of gold.  

When it comes to earning a reasonable return for your efforts, an outsider might consider this gold prospecting trip a failure but you can’t think solely in terms of financial gain as there are many other rewards that come from an outback adventure.

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