A Slice of Victoria

By madmax800

I’d been working long hours and had been away from home for weeks on end but holidays were just around the corner and I was looking forward to spending a week away at my property over the border in Victoria, at the northern end of the Golden Triangle.

My 10-acre bush block is where I like to go and forget about work and the daily chores we all have to contend with.

All my gear was loaded and ample supplies were stored away in the back of the Patrol ready for an early start the next day but I still had to arrange a few outings with some forum members who were keen to catch up. This hobby has a way of bringing people together. I suppose it’s always more fun to head out as a group and besides, the more ground that can be covered in a new spot the better. As they say, many hands make light work.

The next day my first stop was to catch up with a mate who lived near my block to find out what the hot gossip was for the area. Then it was on to my place to set up camp and get everything sorted to make my stay for the next seven days as comfortable as possible.

Bits & Pieces

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