A Real Spanish Treat


I’d been lucky. The land owner was agreeable to me detecting on his land but he told me there would soon be a building erected on the site so I’d better take advantage of his generosity now rather than later. I thanked him for his hospitality, shook his hand and was off. I didn’t need to be told twice so I grabbed the E-Trac and started swinging. I’m sure the old bloke thought I was bit loony and he gave me quizzical look as he drove away.

This spot had an unusual history that I’d lucked upon in that a house of ill-repute, aka brothel, had once occupied the site.

My first target was deep and I dug and scraped and prised in partnership with my Garrett Propointer until I eventually got close to it and levered out a clod of soil with a very crusty old copper coin sticking out of it. It had a piece chopped off its edge and unfortunately I couldn’t make out any detail. ‘Oh great,’ I thought. ‘Another coin that’s worn so smooth it can’t be identified’ and with that I threw it into my finds pouch. But at least I was on the board and it did look old. I was thinking George III era at the time.

Bits & Pieces

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