A Purse Full of Florins

By Dave (Jarhead) Holland

The ground was like concrete as I tried to dig at one of my favourite coin spots. After straining my wrists to breaking point and fighting a losing battle against the flies, I decided to switch to 'Plan B”. I still had a few dedicated detecting hours left in the day and decided to head to an area that was regularly watered and, best of all, in the shade!

The spot in question was within a very nice park in an older town in NSW. The park itself is more than 120 years old and I've made some great finds there over the years. I take great care to dig neat, 3-sided plugs and make sure hardly a trace is left where I've dug. The council groundsmen appreciate this and have come by on a number of occasions to check out my work. They always seem satisfied, especially after I show them all the trash I've removed. In my experience being cordial, considerate and respectful has really assisted me in my quest for the good stuff but it only takes one person with a pick or shovel carelessly digging in a manicured park to get an area banned for all others. Now I'll get off my soapbox.

The area I decided to concentrate on was near the old entry gates to the park. These gates are no longer in use but from the ornate design and layout I reasoned they must have been the main entrance at some stage. I figured that human behaviour hasn't changed much in 100 years and the main gate would have been where people once congregated.

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