A History Lesson at the end of a New CTX3030

By Mark Williams

Recently while doing what I call some reconnaissance work, I was fortunate enough to meet a lovely land owner by the name of Doris. We spent half an hour chatting about the history of the area as she pointed out eight or nine ruins that were all on her property and that I would be able to detect around. Doris was a wealth of information as her brother-in-law, Adrian, had written a very good book on the history of the area dating back to the very early settlers and the first general stores, blacksmith shops and post offices that once dotted the district.

South Australia was settled in 1836 and was soon producing cereal crops. This created a need for roads to be built between the towns and shipping ports and fortunately one of these ran through Doris’s property. She went on to explain how the district was originally divided into 80-acre blocks which the early settlers lived on and farmed during the mid to late 1800s and how her family had purchased the blocks whenever they came up for sale. One of the ruins I was allowed to relic hunt around had very little left to show that a house had once stood there, save the tell-tale signs of old fruit trees and some carefully shaped stones littering the ground.

Bits & Pieces

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