A GPX5000 for father and son

I have always enjoyed camping and spending time exploring the remote areas of North Queensland.

In 2009 my father and I each purchased a Gold Snoop Pro from Jack Lange prior to a trip to Flat Creek Station 50km south of Georgetown. But the gods weren’t smiling on us as we came home with plenty of good memories and some lovely photographs of the Australian bush but alas, no gold.

Many trips have come and gone since that first detector outing and soon after our trip to Flat Creek I upgraded to a SD2100 and dad acquired an SD2000 for next to nothing.

As members of the Townsville Metal Detector Club, dad and I have spent many long, hot days swinging our coils with other like-minded people, looking for that elusive yellow stuff. I’ve been lucky enough to find the odd bit of gold here and there thanks to my detecting mentor and good friend Henk, however dad hadn’t enjoyed the same fortune.

Upon returning home from a club trip to Long Gully Station in June this year, dad received a call from Gold Gem & Treasure magazine advising him that he was the lucky winner of the June 2011 subscription competition and was now the owner of a Minelab GPX5000. Well, as you could imagine, he was elated and couldn’t wait to give his new detector its first work out.

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