A Family Reunion

Dave ‘Jarhead’ Holland

Late last year I had the opportunity to revisit some of my old detecting grounds. One area in particular was a small township that existed from roughly the 1840s until the 1870s.  And when I say small township I mean one pub, one blacksmith, one store and six houses!

Once again I broke out the old maps, notes and local history books of the area to determine whether the site had potential. The information I’d gathered indicated that the township was on the ‘northern side’ of the river which was unfortunate because that area had been bulldozed over and a major road now ran across it. However, I’d worked the area previously and only found a few keepers so I figured it was a waste of time and I’d moved on to other sites. 

Poring over the maps and history of the area for the second time, I stumbled across a small footnote that made reference to the township actually being located on the ‘south side’ of the river. This was very interesting because it meant the area was potentially untouched, at least by someone waving a detector.

Bits & Pieces

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