A Copper Country Coin Cache


We’d motored into country South Australia to celebrate my wife Val’s brother-in-law’s 70th birthday party. It was to be a big bash with more than 100 family and friends taking over the very small country town’s hall.

We stayed in the larger nearby town (which was an old copper mining town in the late 1800s) and while unpacking the wagon, I discovered that I’d accidentally carefully packed my Garrett Ace 250 detector. Fortunately it was accompanied by my boots and a couple of hand tools.We had an hour and a half to spare so I sought consent from the boss for a quick swing before getting ready for brother-in-law Barry’s party.

With the okay I was off like a shot to a nearby oval. I reasoned that I could hunt for modern coins in the city anytime so I would try and find some old ones here. The Garrett Ace falsed a fair bit due to the soil’s high mineralisation and the machine’s fixed ground balance didn’t help so I turned down the sensitivity. I went along slowly and picked out stronger repeatable signals.

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