A Bit of Luck and Lot of Good Gear

By Evan

Gold detecting for me is all about the serenity of the bush, the camaraderie of mates, the thrill of the hunt and, of course, the joy and excitement I get when I find a piece of gold.

I’ve only been prospecting seriously since 2010, and thanks to some great advice and excellent products from Minelab and Coiltek, I’ve achieved some very handy results.

Since that first long trip out to the Sandstone area in Western Australia back in 2010, I’ve detected almost 10 ounces of gold thanks to the outstanding performance of my Minelab GPX4500 and my collection of Coiltek Goldstalker coils.

My best finds have all came from the one patch over two consecutive trips using my number one go-to coils, the Coiltek Goldstalker 14x9-inch elliptical and16-inch round.

I’ve found about 30 pieces in this relatively small area but the four standout slugs weighed in at 18.81, 27, 43 and 51 grams each.

The largest of these nuggets was found by pure luck and following my motto of digging absolutely every target that can’t be identified by sight.

Bits & Pieces

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