A Big Day Out


I purchased this new coil for my old faithful Minelab X-Terra70 from the Coiltek factory in South Australia. As usual the guys there were very helpful and being a member of an SA club, I gratefully received a discount. The coil was brand new to the market that day and they told me I was only the second person to purchase one. It’s nicknamed ‘WOT’ which stands for Wild Orange Thing due to its burnt orange colour. It is 15 inches across, a DD, waterproof and at 7.5 KHz is classed as mid-frequency for the X-Terra range.

Next morning, bright and early, I was in the park giving it a whirl and came home with a bit more than a tax-free $30 for my three hours. It performed as well as my original Minelab X-Terra coils with the Target ID numbers being spot on for the coins that I find. Happily for me, within two weeks the coil had paid for itself with numerous nice gold coin donations from Mother Earth. It has been a regular on my old girl when I hunt for ‘moderns’ ever since. Being a DD it has that sensitive blade-like pattern of ground penetration and can punch deep while at the same time remaining quite sensitive to small objects.

I find I can cover big areas easily, swinging it wide and fairly fast with accurate signal recognition. When swinging fast to cover large areas, keeping the Sensitivity below 20 minimises any falseing that might otherwise occur. It is light for its size and glides nicely over turf grass or beach sand.

Bits & Pieces

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