12 Ounces of the Good Stuff

This handsome nugget was picked up south of Ballarat late last year with a Minelab GP3000 that had been modified by Peter Woodland at Detector Mods. According to the finder, Sam, he and his detecting mate, Aaron, who owns a GPX5000, had been swinging hard for more than four hours without luck and by lunch were contemplating throwing in the towel and heading home. Instead, they stuck at it and 20 minutes into the afternoon session the GP3000 fitted with an 11-inch DD Commander coil, sounded over what was surely another spent lead bullet. After digging down about 13 inches, there it was, in fact there they were - two chunky nuggets, one poking out of each end of a clay ball. Sam called Aaron over to inspect the find and invited him to get the nuggets out of the hole (they have a 50/50 share agreement). Sam said he will never forget what Aaron said next: 'Sam, it's not two nuggets; it's one big nugget!' Sam said that with his share of the proceeds he planned to upgrade to a GPX5000 so that he and Aaron would both be armed with the same weapons.

Bits & Pieces

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